View Full Version : New Course & Update Impressions (after a few days to absorb)

02-09-2009, 12:01 AM
OK...first the new course.

In general I like it but it plays VERY hard and VERY different depending on the golfer tier your using. Intermedia players seem to have a good balance since you don't have to lay up for your drives. But there are NO lazy non-thinking drives on the course at all. Some of the greens are the definition of insanity, but the common question is "Is it harder than Crown?", um....I'd say no, but I don't think it's that far behind. But I will say this in the RAIN Crown is doable and in fact I think some of my better scores come in the rain, REX in the RAIN - it's friggin' scary...way more difficult than Crown in the rain.

The sound oddities are driving me nuts though, no wind sound effects makes it WAY harder for me to judge the wind, the clapping is annoying (from the invisible gallery and that seal/aqua dinosaur too).

OK, so the update to the schedule. I'll ignore the "trial" thing for now and just say it's idiotic we all know it's idiotic and we all HOPE that it's gone the next time they do an update (sadly that could be mid-March) who knows? The amount of tournaments SEEMS to have increased, and if we flip these trial tournaments to normal then more is better.

We seem to have opened up to ALL the courses, but not very often. But ok we're all happy for the change. Something that hasn't changed is the rotation of Alex/Gloria/Kratos/Toro and the 50% chance of rain/snow throughout and the 50% chance of Stan/Stan

I know most are happy for any improvement, but more Expert Only or OTHER REGULAR character tournament limitations would be a welcome change as well. (I have all these characters maxed after all) - but the STAN/STAN with rain has got to stop too for any real joy to be felt in mudville. Of course we did get "record" crowds today of 50 and 46 people so maybe there is some joy.

Anyway, hopefully people don't think this thread is redundant, impressions are spread all over mixed with thread about the store not having it and other topics that went off tangent too.

02-09-2009, 03:47 AM
My observations:

IMO it is easier that Crown if you play it well but it can kill you for a bad shot more that any other course in the game.

As well as the wind, clapping and that spastic dino sea on 10 I've had 3 situations in the last few days where my club hasn't clicked at the top swing so I think I've gone over 100% and reset, twice I got away with it but once I got a skull tight in the middle of a tourny. Might start playing the course on mute!

Anyone got any tips for playing 2 and 17? I'm stuffed if I can work those 2 holes out

02-09-2009, 03:57 AM
17 is hard to eagle, its the only par 5 i haven't eagled so far.
As for 2, thats the 324y par 4, it is technically possible to reach in 1, i've only managed to hit the green once. But generally lay up to about 220-240y on the left.

I've hit -15 on normal tee with -8 and -6 on the 9 holes, so i think its easier than crown.

02-09-2009, 04:07 AM
Yeah, two is definitely reachable (my first par 4 ace there woot) with an expert character. It's a tricky shot and unless you get a friendly bounce you're looking at a water ball for a 99% lie or a little too much boost on a full shot.

The lay up there is like Dream said, 220-240 or so off the tee. There's really no point in laying up to within 50y unless you have a comfortable shot. Nothing worse than putting a layup in the drink.

Agreed that rain makes it the toughest course there, just too many things that can go wrong. Aside from that, easier than Crown once you know what you're doing off the tee.

And for the record I absolutely love those water puddles in the traps. It just screams water skip spiral/riser hole out (#18 ftw). can't wait until I hit that shot

02-09-2009, 05:16 AM
i enjoy the course and yeah its easier than crowns but has more punishment for the stray shot....

as for hole 2 i have eagled it in minna and goofing around..............but no way will i try it in a G0 tour, its just too darn early in the round.

i have eagled all the par 5's , the 17th you have to take note of the wind angle on the tee , thus deciding which side of volcano you will take your 2nd shot from..........

if i know i cant eagle i play off volcano and let it run down

02-09-2009, 05:47 AM
Would anyone care to explain to me how in the blazes you actually go about getting an eagle on 17? I felt truly robbed of what should have been my first G0 2nd place, or even a win, the other day when I hit the ball safely onto the fairway, with about 270-280y to the hole. Full power shot should get me safely around that bloody mountain. But no, the ball hit an invisible rock somewhere and bounced off into OOB territory. I mean: seriously, there was NO visible obstacles in front of me at all, yet it somehow hit something. When I tried to do the same thing again later with another character, the same thing happened again, but at least that time it bounced the other way, for a safe fairway shot, and I saved a birdie...

As for the tournament, I hit a double bogey, and fell from -10 to -8. Saved a pod on the last with a birdie, but even a par on 17 would have secured -11, which would have been enough for 2nd. With a birdie and -12 it would have been down to points for the win... I was so pissed! I mean, fair enough, I don't usually go around complaining if I get a double or triple bogey on a hole due to bad judgments, but when I hit NOTHING and fall OOB due to an invisible obstacle I feel the right to get pissed off about it! >:(

But it still leaves me with my original question; where is it safe to hit the ball on 17 to have any chance at all for an eagle?? I don't want this to happen again...

Thanks for all input! :)

Other than #17, I find the course quite entertaining, though. :)

02-09-2009, 05:52 AM
best way is to see me or mace watch but i play sss around the rock.

02-09-2009, 05:55 AM
best way is to see me or mace watch but i play sss around the rock.

Well, of course I used side spin, and went on the right side of the mountain. It looked very safe, but like I said, I hit an obstacle that doesn't seem to be visible when looking at it otherwise. :(

02-09-2009, 05:57 AM
#17 regardless of character, wind, situation in the tournament or anything else, I always lay up off the tee to the 240-250 mark, this leaves you with about 300 in which is certainly doable with expert and shouldn't be incredibly difficult with Intermediate. Even with a Novice you can rabbit/turtle on/near the green or at worst get a kick down the mountain (aim a good deal away from that tree stump unless you've got the distance to get there).

Not a hole to be eaged all the time, but that method with give you a good shot at getting on or near the green, sometimes a pitch is how you got to do it. Birdie there is perfectly fine. My primary concern is just getting the ball into the fairway so I can at least have a shot at a good 2nd or a smart lay up. If you hit the rough in that area just take a long iron out and layup across the other side of the mountain to about 130-160.

I've never hit anything invisible doing it that way.

02-09-2009, 06:00 AM
Ok, so I actually need to go shorter. I hit it about the 260-270 mark on the main fairway. Looked safe, but no... I'll try the shorter tee shot next time. Thank you! :)

02-09-2009, 06:09 AM
Yeah I played that 3w a lot off the tee but I really don't like having to hit around something if I can avoid it. Sometimes it's just bad, like say you're at the 270 mark with wind blowing to the right. You can't sss around the left to get to the green because of the mountain. A dead rabbit/turtle just never seems to get there, and going around the other way is damn near impossible due to the wind. I like eagles as much as the next guy, but I'll settle for a 20% chance of it if it means that I've got a 70% chance at bird, and around a 10% chance of getting par or worse. Numbers aren't perfect no that but it just gives you an idea. With that 270 drive provided you hit the fairway I'd say those respective odds are put at about 30%/40%/30% if you catch my drift.

That 240-250 shot isn't a joke though, gotta be very careful in high winds. Great for experts that can spin a 5w though, and the second shot is some variation of a full driver swing instead of a tweener fairway wood that you've got to curve around a mountain.

Also, you get to try the coolest shot ever if you're feeling stupid enough. Bounce a shot off that stump and into the hole you'll be at the top of my list for best shot ever.

02-09-2009, 10:28 AM
I find it quite difficult off some of the first drives and obstacles all over the place but its quite fun and very nice to look at in on my panny plasma :P But like others have said i'd put it on par with peaks but it can punish you and make your round done in one shot. In the rain it is crazy hard and yea i'd say harder then crown

02-09-2009, 01:14 PM
in terms of punishment, there is a Par 3 on a raised area, where if you fall of the back and to the left (right on long tee) you will have a VERY hard time getting back up. I watched a few people fall down there, and it was just from the same spot each time.
I've haven't eagled 17 yet, but i have only played 7-8 rounds, without a long tee go yet. eagled all the par 5s and birdied par 4s already..

REALLY annoying thing was i hit my first hole out eagle on here, but it was against my Dad in an offline match on his account. >:(. i keep doing that.. 2 aces and various other nice shots lost against him.