03-27-2009, 10:17 AM
Updated 27.03.09

03-27-2009, 10:22 AM
Every time i update the pics i will always post the date of update in this thread and give details or what has been updated. For this update i took hitters previous scores, double checked them against the pics posted and then included a couple of masons updated pb's.

03-27-2009, 10:30 AM
Okay sorted glitch on Highland images.

03-27-2009, 10:43 AM
Is there another leaderboard for the mortals, im thinking alot of people (myself included) might be a bit hesitant to post scores when looking at all those big numbers. Can i post a pic using my PS3?

03-27-2009, 10:47 AM
Understandable that those scores make people hesitant, but if we put up a 2nd leaderboard for lower scores, you can bet someone would create a new account here and post pics of G0 quality scores thus ruining the purpose of said 2nd board.

I'm sure you have some scores that would look nice up there, with the addition of 9h scores to this board I think we'll see a lot of nice scores from people who may be hesitant to post 18h scores.

As for posting pics, you can use the ones saved on your PS3, but you'll have to upload them to a hosting site like photobucket and then post the image link in your post.

03-27-2009, 10:50 AM
Best way to post up is taking a pic with a normal digital camera (remember to put the image size setting down to the lowest setting - it will normally say email size) upload them on to a site like photobucket and then use the image links when posting in one of these threads.

Mace is right about the ps3 pics of individual rounds done online but if you want to show your full scores from offline performances just take a pic on your camera of your data screen.

03-27-2009, 11:02 AM
Thank you Mason, i will post scores when my girl does it for me lol., she's the smart one

03-27-2009, 01:11 PM
For everyone's information i do intend on try to update this on a weekly basis - so take lots of pics everyone! ;D

04-03-2009, 12:53 PM
how i can get my pbs there???

04-08-2009, 08:39 AM
Take a photo, host on a image hosting site then post the link here.

04-09-2009, 04:03 PM
Leaderboards updated 9th April 2009


Update includes:


18Hole Scores:

Individual Scores:
Interyernan - Safari 18H Reg
Interyernan - Crown 18H Reg
Interyernan - Crown 18H Long
Interyernan - Crown 9HI Reg
Interyernan - Crwon 9Ho Long

04-09-2009, 04:07 PM
Awesome Inter. Thanks for all the hard work.

04-27-2009, 07:31 AM
Leaderboards updated 27.04.09



Cartman - All Scores
MasonR - All 9H in & out

Highland Reg 18H - Optimus_Prime
Highland LT 9HO - Dreamcaster

Okinawa LT 18H - Zahovich & Elektropo

Safari LT 18H - Zahovich

Silver Peaks Reg 18H - Zahovich, BeEmerson, MasonR

Crown LT 18H - Elektropop

Oceania Reg 18H - ChaoticCry, J-Mod, Zahovich, Ragefire

GRex Reg 9HO - Interyernan
GRex LT 18H - Elektropop, BeEmerson, Optimus_Prime, Zahovich


04-27-2009, 10:11 AM
Ah...boo. Thought I had gotten completely up to date, didn't realize that my Oceania RT pb was still at a -22 here. Got a -23 w/Dino from a jp G0 that I guess I never submitted.

Thanks for the update Intery! I know my 30+ scores were probably a pain in the ass, it's nice to see someone keep the board updated, especially considering it's my favorite section of the site.

...now I'm reminded that about half my OT2 scores are out of date.

04-27-2009, 10:18 AM
You a pain Mace - Never, lol. I'll update every 10 days of so, so just get those pics uploaded and i'll sort it out. I only took me about 3 hours adding you and Cartman today so it wasn't too bad.

04-27-2009, 11:00 AM
Thanks for the updates, Inter, but why isn't my -19 (6th or 7th place) on Peaks Long Tee on the list? :)

04-27-2009, 12:30 PM
My apologies Cartman i will do another update next week and add it to my list, between you and Mace i had 2 A4 sheets to go through i the blame lies with me.
I plan on going pb crazy this week cos Mace has knocked me out of the top three on a few of these so i want to comeback with some nice scores.

05-26-2009, 06:49 AM
Leaderboard updated 26th May 2009


Update includes:

Complete scores for Jbags5 and Doylev

And NUMEROUS UPDATES for MasonR, Interyernan, Dreamcaster, Smuguy97, Cartman.

06-06-2009, 02:55 PM
none of my scores were updated, guess i had 10+ new ones :/