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10-28-2008, 12:05 PM
Any ideas why my screen shows up in kind of a letterbox format? I have just a regular 32in tv, nothing HD. And when in a lobby or even in a tournament looking at the list of players, the names are very tiny and hard to read. Yet, when I take a picture at the end of the tournament and look at the image, it looks perfect and everything is large and clear.

I played at my brothers house the other day and he has a 50" HD tv, and everything was SO large and and SO clear, it actually threw my timing off because i was so used to such a small impact area from my TV.

I don't recall having this issue with any other game, and I checked my PS3 settings and didn't see anything out of the oridnary. Is it just that i have a crappy tv? or is there somethign that i can do?

10-28-2008, 12:52 PM
Not sure i know what you mean, although when i watch a film on the ps3 then load up OOB i get weird thing going on, the 'now loading' bit is like in the middle of my screen, and its as if im playing on a 18" although i got a hd 37", i just reboot the ps3 and everything is fine.

10-28-2008, 01:17 PM
Out of curiosity; is your 32" TV a widescreen TV or a 4:3 TV? The game is made in widescreen, so if you play it on a 4:3 display it will show up in letterbox...

10-28-2008, 01:29 PM
its a regular 4:3 i believe, i know its not widescreen. If thats how it was made, then that will explain it. I guess i'm stuck then.

10-28-2008, 02:40 PM
When you play films do they also drop down to a letter box style of vieiwng with black strips at the top and the bottom? If this is the case you're TV is either like Cartman said 4:3 or the setting on the you're TV is set incorrectly. 32" seems like a rather large TV for a "box" style TV considering square sets went into a slower production about 2 years ago.
Have a look on you're remote contol first: There should be a button that says somehting like P.Size or a symbol of a TV, or it coulf be arrows pointing in opposite directions, (different manufactures vary-what make is the TV?) If you find the right button and press it, it should cycle through the various viewing ratio's. Off the top of my head they should be 4:3 (standard for square TV's) 16:9 Panscreen &/OR 16:9 Letterbox (one of these may have what appears to be a white line of interference running along the top of it - which ever one does have the line - choose the other one) some TV's older and new have addtional screen options such as Zoom, Mid Size and Fit to Screen. Zoom blows the picture up to 125% of the viewing so you loose pieces around the edges, Mid Size shirinks the pic to about 75% of the screen so the viewing panel is surrounded by a black border and Fit to screen streches or shrinks the viewing panel to the full size of you're viewing screen - can sometimes make the pic look like a hall of mirrors!
If you need anymore help of info let me know.