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11-14-2008, 03:59 PM
I mentioned this to Morpheus a few weeks ago. There is a website, thecgs.com (http://thecgs.com), which stands for "The Championship Gaming Series". The website, the cgs.com, has spawned the most successful gaming league and interactive worldwide tournamnet in gaming history. The "CGS" website is a tool for amateur and professional gamers to compete as teams or individuals, depending on the game played, in order to fine-tune skills and develope team startegies. The "CGS" also is a tool for gamers to refine their skills and and prepare for the CGS Season and for Team Drafting preperations. The CGS has various teams located throughout the United States in cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. The CGS competitors compete in a building designed and setup specificly for gaming. This building harbors the U.s."CGS"
Season, Playoffs,U.S. Championship, and World Playoffs and Championship games.
With the popularity of the HSG Series and the website, hotshotsgolf.com, I believe a gaming revolution like the CGS came work out on the PS3 and PSP consoles pertaining to to the HSG series. Already, the HSG website has created seasons for HSG: OOB and HSG: OT2. There has been an assortment of Match Play Tournaments on both consoles. I have also noticed
that there has even been a Ryder Cup competition with Europe that the website has produced. Lastly, we have a ranking system that recognizes the top players of both HSG: OOB and HSG: OT2.
So you may be asking, how will a HSG Championship League work? There will be a season that covers every golf course in the game, with Major Championships being the harder courses. A type of point system and ladder/ ranking system will be in effect to distinguish who the elite players are. With this ranking system, the best players from around the U.S.A, Japan, and other countries can be identified and compete in Ryder Cup like tournamnets. The competition for a Ryder Cup should take place on a course designed by HSG developers that can be downloaded to the PS3 and PSP. This course designed specificly for the Ryder Cup should include Match Play (18-H), Foursomes, Two Ball (18-H), and One-on-One (individual Match Play 18-H) competition. This is something that HSG producers and designers should take a serious look and consider for the future of HSG gaming.

02-07-2009, 06:25 PM
there needs to be a leaderboard on ot2 similar to oob leaderboards

02-07-2009, 06:41 PM
wow large font

if there's a series out there where i can earn money to play plz let me know immediately so i can quit my job