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06-23-2008, 01:37 AM
Is there any possibility of adding a friends feature to this game in the future? How about a lobby so you can see others who are online at the time? I've found its oftentimes very hard to find a game...especially late at night. I've tried both the domestic and world channels.

Also, what about the possibility of adding an option to change characters before a match starts like you can in HSG 5? Because frequently I find myself in a tournament with a lower player...I boot up my expert char...they're sitting there with their 230 yd n00b and half the time they just quit where I would otherwise be happy to switch down to their level.

Also, a general annoyance during tournaments is having to wait a minute or more after everyone has finished a hole to move on to the next hole...when everyone is done with a hole is there any way to program the game to simply start a 15 second timer to move on?

Curious what other people think about this as well...Any other changes people wanna see?

06-24-2008, 01:59 PM
hey flyingelf,

I assume you are talking about adding these things to HSG OT2? In that case, I just picked up the game and have yet to play online. I was wondering about the friends feature and how we would ever be able to get together in a round, but from your explanation it doesn't happen. Pity.

I would like to see more content added to HSG:OOB like the the putt putt course for messing around between matches.

Oh, and of course can't forget my G0 friends: I respectfully request that the Devs create more tournaments for this deserving group of golfers. Not that I would know what it is like to get to G0, but by Christmas (that's right I said Christmas) I vow to be at G0 and I don't want all these golfing Gods to leave before I get a chance to kick their ***. ;)

06-24-2008, 05:32 PM
Yeah I was talking about OT2. I had originally posted it in the OT2 forums and was talking about that game specifically, but the admin must have moved it here.

06-24-2008, 07:51 PM
Oh, and of course can't forget my G0 friends: I respectfully request that the Devs create more tournaments for this deserving group of golfers. Not that I would know what it is like to get to G0, but by Christmas (that's right I said Christmas) I vow to be at G0 and I don't want all these golfing Gods to leave before I get a chance to kick their ***.

lol i think u will be G0 b4 that, and i'll be more than happy to play u @ that time :D

07-03-2008, 01:48 PM
Suggestions for OOB:

More variety in Tournament courses - especially for G0. I'm sick of playing Crown/Silver/Oceanic in the rain/strong wind/long tee/novice every single tournament! Throw in all the courses, all kinds of conditions, all kinds of rules...we are all basically the same skill level so the tournaments will always be close. Who cares if the winnning score is -24, it'd be nice to have a mental break once in a while or to at least play a few different courses. That's my biggest beef at the moment!

With 10 floors and 4 tournaments/floor an hour - have at least 1 tournament for G3, G2, G1, and G0 per 15 minute segment. This means that there will at least be one G3, G2, G1 and G0 tournament every 15 minutes. That would leave 6 spots/15 min segment to put in a few GF's an other filler G3/2/1/0 tournaments. As it is now, 90% of the tournaments on floors 2-10 have 0 participants so why not make it so that there's always a tournament on for every group every 15 minutes??

Remove the slow/very slow timer tournaments having to always count down to the last second inbetween holes. Have it so that when the last golfer finishes, it switches to 20-30 seconds left so that those who are typing can finish and the round can continue without having to wait 1-2 minutes every hole. Anything that keeps the flow faster is better plus it would allow you to play in more tournaments a session.

Create a dry/very dry setting to be the opposite of the rain - makes everything super slick - fairways run faster, greens are tough to hold - consider it the US Open settings. Your shot percentages would remain the same as normal settings but you'd gain extra yardage from the quicker fairways, harder greens.

When you Time Out of a tournament, reword the message you get to say that you can rejoin at the end of the tournament. The phrase used now is very confusing and can make it seem like you can't play in another tourament for hours depending on the time of day.

I had the game freeze on me once when I was waiting in the tournament club house screen (after we select golfer/club/ball). I accidentely hit L2 and brought up the chat box then hit circle to close it just as the tournament screen counter was at 1 second left. Screen froze and I was Dq'd since I had to reboot my system. Don't know if it was a fluke, but I'd really prefer not to have to try to reprouduce it.

More formats for golf games (other than match play) - like best ball, scramble, ryder cup (alternate shot 2 vs 2), etc

Ability to Jump In a tournament without having to phsyically log into the correct lobby room.

More items to collect for Avatars in the lobby. More activities - real simple one would be a lobby made like a soccer field and put two nets and have a score...player scores, ball respawns back in the center of the field.

Also, another great idea... Please rotate the lobbies. 99% of the people congregate in the 1st floor lobby - so why not switch it up everytime maitenence is done on the game (assume this would be the only time possible since it gaurentees the servers will be shutdown/nobody on them). Bump every lobby up one so that eventually the Safari lobby is the 1st floor for a while, the spa is the first floor for a while, the camp ground is the first floor for a while...etc. Even if this was done once a month/week ...anything to keep it fresh since we spend so many hours in the same lobby - there are 9 others that are fun and different, but rarely get used.

That's all I have for now...hope someone sees this before Hot Shots Golf 6!!!

07-12-2008, 09:45 PM
better variety is needed. I agree with you that you hate to have tournaments where you need a -24 or maybe a -25 to win, but every once and a while, I do like to play a game like that.

07-13-2008, 07:48 AM
I have seen similar posts many times and everyone who responds agrees. HOPEFULLY SOMEONE IS LOOKING! It seems that these type of changes will have to happen for the online action to be a continuing success.

I really like your idea for more playable formats - alternate shot, 2 v. 2, etc.

The dry/hard settings is an awesome idea.

I am g2 but I am also getting sick of not being able to play under less restricted conditions. An open tournament format would be fun where any ball/club/character and go for it.

Tourneys for every level on each floor every 15 mins with a timer that auto sets to 30 secs when every one is done would be huge.

Switch lobbies and get new music..........GREAT IDEA!

Maybe if we get alot of response to this type of post someone might be looking.