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10-11-2010, 05:01 PM
There are 3 sections on the rankings spreadsheet. They include:

+ Your raw data, shows you the NUMBER of tours, wins, 2nd, 3rds you achieved for the month. As well as your total pods... 1st, 2nds, 3rds combined. The raw data is obtained from taking the difference between the beginning month’s numbers and the end month’s numbers.

+ The middle section is how OFTEN you win, 2nd or 3rd and your total pods. (For example you win 20% of the time. wins/tours)

+ The last section is your RANKINGS for each of the other categories in the left & middle section. You may be ranked #30 in the number of tours you play but you pod consistently and ranked #10 in how often (your %) of total pods that you make. The numbers in that last section show where you rank, color-coded for the top 10 in each category. The 2nd spreadsheet shows you the top 10 players for each category in an easier to read format.

+ 2nds/Win and 3rds/Win. These are based on a ratio of how many 2nd places or 3rds you earned per win. For example: if you have 2 wins, 4 2nds and 6 pods this month. You simply divide your 2nd places by your wins… so you will have earned 2 2nd places for every win you got. And 3 pods for each win you received.

+The results sections of the chart is color coded, yellow is a higher score than your previous month, blue is a lower score and white is no change or no ranking in the previous month.

+The career stats are organized the same as the monthly rankings, the overall ranking coming from the average pts/game number. For the few people that have ylod or had ps3 issues of some kind that I have their previous stats for before their ps3 crashed, I have combined the previous numbers with the current numbers to give a better “career” figure.

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