View Full Version : Everybody's Golf 2017 - Introductions and Welcome Back

08-31-2017, 11:59 AM
Hi everyone, I though it might be nice to have a place to say Im glad to be back! And for people new to the game, a place to say Im glad to be here!

I bought a PS3 back in 2008 or so because it was the cheapest BluRay player you could buy. I got a game to go with it, because why not? It was Hot Shots Golf, and I quickly became obsessed with it. I never got all that good, but it remains my favorite game to date.

Its been quite a few years since Hot Shots Golf, and unlike many of you, I did not move on to Minna No Golf. So after a long hiatus, Im looking forward to playing this great game again.

I pre-ordered on Amazon months ago, and it arrived a couple of days ago. I loved this game so much back in the day that I bought a PS4 yesterday just to play the new version. its updating now (~6GB!!), and I should get in at least a game or two today.

If Im the only one in this situation, I apologize for the orphaned thread. But I hope everyone will feel comfortable introducing themselves here.

I am happy to be back...

cheers everyone

08-31-2017, 12:48 PM
Nice to meet you Caribbeachbum. I hope you are enjoying the game after the long layoff from the series. See you online.

09-02-2017, 12:18 PM
I'm glad to be back.....seems like forever since I played Hot Shots golf/Minna Golf 5! Hoping to game with some former compadres!