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Thread: are you going to buy world 6 golf for EU and US

  1. Default are you going to buy world 6 golf for EU and US

    just wondering how many are out there waiting for this?
    and if you think it will draw back players for the game?
    I plan on buying it hopeing the old community will return.

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    Although I originally purchase my PS3 (2009) to play HSG OOB, I don't think I will buy another one (or the PS4) to play WI 6. If I did it will be to play both OOB and WI and maybe HSG 7.

    It will probably draw more PS3 players than it did on the Vita as there are more PS3's owners than Vita owners, especially me as I don't have a Vita anymore.

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    personally I think most golfers prefer to use thrir big tvs to play rather than a small portable. that is why i ask. vita was a disapointment good idea but wrong direction for gamming for adults.

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    Default Re: are you going to buy world 6 golf for EU and US

    I think it's just as much a case of handheld consoles being in terminal decline because of phones and tablets. I will be there on launch day...

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    For the first time in a long time I'm seriously contemplating not buying a version of HSG, even if it is a second release on a new platform that is saying a lot in what I think of the current state of the game on Minna.

    There are still immense issues with the game, particularly in the end game, I fear that the game has gone down the path of no return that is becoming the industry standard for video games. Corporate greed in gaming is taking over the driver seat, and it has hurt the gaming industry in my opinion. Competitive gaming and the overall content quality are the two areas that suffer most from publishers forcing "play to win" features that are disguised as DLC. Minna No Golf 6, and most likely the international release have started to head down this slippery slope.

    Here are a few of my reasons why I am leaning towards not purchasing this game again:

    -Lack of any endgame incentive, gone are the G0 requirements to reach level 20, gone are the unique lobby parts for every tournament. 4 different colors per part, does not make for a very enjoyable Graded Tour grind. No leader boards, no data tracking, no true way to see how you fair against the competition.

    -Mass cheating in Daily tournament format, especially when the PS3 release is out, wind checking, pin checking, etc will be rampant, I'd like to say it won't be, but I already knows its been out there for ages with just the Vita as the only console. Now with 2 consoles say goodbye to dailies meaning anything at all.

    -Top heavy Expert character brackets, as we saw in Minna No Golf 5, brackets tend to be top heavy with players trying to gain an edge on their opponents. The expert bracket in 6 is so clogged up with "big" hitters it almost entirely eliminates the Novice and Intermediate brackets. Making an eagle on a par 4 on tougher courses use to be a risk reward shot, now the vast majority of them are "can you get lucky with PI and bad control Spray." The addition of extra distance balls and clubs did nothing but worsen the disparity between character brackets. With the lack of Novice only and Intermediate tours, the brackets might as well not exist at this point.

    P.S The distance stat is so heavily weighted compared to the other stats, it has become a complete joke.

    -Poor course design, this is more personal preference but the courses don't demand as many do or die shots as they use to. They also lack unique ways to play each hole. Putting, in more cases than not seems to be only single break reads, while tough pins tend to all be SBS accessible pins only, where the distance stat also becomes even more powerful. The lack of trick shot inspiration is a major disappointment as well, gone are the days of water skip/mountain clearing crazy par 4 reachable holes, they've been replaced by hit it hard and hope to get good bounce reachable.

    -Pin density, and trick shot failure is the most absurd thing they've done with the game. I'd understand if it were for balance issues, but having 7 out of 9 homing shots fail in 4 rounds of 18h is a tad bit to much. Getting a pin touch is much harder then it use to be due to the pin being smaller than in 5, which by itself would be fine, but if you then add in the vastly increased fail rate of specials you're looking at a terrible design overlook. Players of any level should not be punished for hitting a great shot.

    I've championed this title since before release, but my passion for the game is definitely running on empty, I honestly have no idea if I will be buying the PS3 international release at all or if I will even continue to play the game in its current state. I'm personally getting close to writing this title up as another failed sequel like D3 and FF14.
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    agreed but they still can fix it if they want to.
    i like it for game rooms with friends 4 person chat helps.
    and it would be nice to hear the game in english
    most games lately have fallen short it seems, don't you all think?

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    Default Re: are you going to buy world 6 golf for EU and US

    I don't feel like investing more money on this title, especially since I bought some of the dlc for ps3 jap version.
    Plus what Senidol mentioned above... frustration indeed.
    Rentrez la doucement

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    I agree with Senni,

    Hugely disappointed with this game. Such a shame as I was looking forward to catching up with so many cool people again, but not much point if you're not actually enjoying the game itself. :-(

    A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths.

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    any friggin release date yet ?

    Go Spurs tonight !

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