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  1. Suggestions for online play...
  2. MOVED: chat box
  3. What would you like to see added?
  4. Open Tee 2 Online
  5. any caddy's soon
  6. email pictures
  7. Demoted from G0.. what's the point ?
  8. Taking Hot Shots Golf Series to the next level
  9. HSG:OOB Lobby improvement
  10. Match Play vs. Computer Characters
  11. A Panic Round
  12. More slots for recorded shots.
  13. Three hole matches
  14. just a plain game
  15. It may be too late but...
  16. situation mode
  17. simple solution
  18. Personal Bests --- Personal Averages
  19. Suggestions for Clap Handz
  20. LOCKED CONDITIONS for league play!
  21. Is There Plans For Capsules for DLC Courses?
  22. Something So Simple Why Not?
  23. Hmmmmm how about a real life ...
  24. I'd love to be able to send and receive replay videos.
  25. I was pretty disappointed with Out of Bounds.
  26. MOVED: a friendly game
  27. G-Ranking counter in lobby
  28. Create-A-Golfer
  29. a tournament to upper rankings
  30. World Server Please!
  31. HSG Course Maker
  32. The ability to clear "best" scores
  33. Make Your Own Character
  34. Who wants to see motion control in the next HSG?
  35. Offline Multiplayer
  36. Hot Shots Tennis PSP Update! Name Confirmed
  37. Hot Shots Tennis
  38. Name some features you want in for HSG6
  39. A few of my ideas...
  40. Future Hot Shots Tennis installment Game Idea
  41. Hot Shots Tennis PS3
  42. Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee PSP remake ideas
  43. Hot Shots Golf! For PS4
  44. Everybody's Golf PS4 Feature Request
  45. Bug Report: Dyslexic Caddies